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Macbook PrO Battery LIFE

The MacBook Pro 13 and the MateBook X Pro are almost the same size. Only fractions of an inch and a few ounces separate them, in spite of the MateBook X Pro building in a larger display. That makes them both equally easy to toss into a backpack and carry around.

However, Apple decreased battery life in its redesign, in an effort to make the machine even thinner. The Touch Bar version, in spite of adding in its powered OLED strip, actually has the smallest battery capacity at 49.2 watt-hours. The non-Touch Bar version enjoys more, at 54 watt-hours. Unsurprisingly, the MacBook Pro 13’s battery life is good but no longer dominates as it once did.

The MateBook X Pro has slightly more battery capacity, at 57.4 watt-hours, while enjoying a more efficient CPU. We don’t run all of the same tests on MacOS as we do on Windows, and so our benchmarks are hard to compare. The one common test, looping a local video, just slightly favors the MateBook X Pro, while the Huawei competes fairly well against other Windows notebooks.

Both notebooks will last most of a full working day, and they’re almost identical sizes. This category is a tie.